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6 Tips for Making More Space in a Studio Apartment - Make the Most of a Small Apartment

sofa beds are great way to make space in a studio apartment


Living in a studio apartment, while being affordable and cozy, will present you the ultimate challenge when it comes to utilizing limited space. Furthermore, creating private spots, picking out nice décor pieces, and creating a well-organized space will test your spatial creativity.

However, it is not all doom and gloom. With a few tricks and a handful of tips, you can transform your living area from a house into a home. All you need is a little bit of ingenuity injected with a smidge of minimalism to dispel your studio woes. 

Don’t Skimp on the Importance of a Good Bed 

While the bedroom is likely the most interesting room in your studio apartment, the bed is the furniture piece that will occupy the most space. You will need to acquire a piece that not only saves space but can also create a storage solution. 

One great example of such a bed is the Murphy bed. Not only can it be retracted into the wall, but it also just needs a mattress and beddings for you to completely set up. Getting a Murphy with an attached desk will help you out in the space department, but it will cost more. 

Sleeping lofts are another great option. These beds are raised close to the ceiling to provide space beneath it for installing your shelves and cabinets, or just to create more house room. Just make sure you have the funding and expertise to bring it to life. 

Lastly, we have sofa beds. As the name suggests, these are sofas that can be transformed at night into beds. There are many variations of the sofa bed, and these differences are due to differences in complexity, functionality, and price. So just get whatever suits you and is budget-friendly. 

Use Multi-Purpose Furniture Pieces 

Getting furniture that fits both fits in your room and does so without messing up the room’s proportions is a neat trick. What you first need to do is assess the room’s space; whichever room you are buying for. After this, make a purchase that isn’t oversized or bulky. 

Getting pieces that have hidden storage compartments will help you with your shelving. It helps to prevent your apartment from having a cluttered look. In as much as this is true; however, some items just present a better image when displayed openly, for example, books, décor, or records. 

Examples of these multi-functional pieces of furniture include a TV stand with concealed storage for consoles and cables; a well-designed ottoman can serve both as a coffee table and a seat while an island in your living space could serve as a kitchen countertop as well as a work desk.

Increase Your Storage Space Vertically 

Like any other living quarters, studio apartments have unutilized space above head-level. You should consult your landlord or the building’s management to enquire on their stand when it comes to erecting ceiling-height shelves. They do the job of creating storage space as well as keeping your room uncluttered. You have the option of having either open or closed compartments. 

A couple of life hacks in this ballpark are, for instance, having a shelf at ceiling level or above the door’s lintel to accommodate toilet paper and extra towels. Another classy but thrifty way of making the most of your vertical spaces is getting a vintage ladder in your kitchen area to hang pans and pots from.   

Invest in a Proper Room Divider 

Sectioning out your studio apartment is among the first hurdles you will need to overcome. Given you will have guests sooner or later, you probably shouldn’t use a makeshift divider. This is not to say that it should be an expensive endeavor. It is advisable to use a divider that doubles down with another practical purpose. 

You could set up a bookshelf or shelving unit that goes with the theme of the room. This will be especially useful if you’re a collector or an avid reader. Consider pursuing an option that ensures a lot of light gets into the room. This can be done using open shelving or if you’re a cycler, hanging bikes in a bid to divide the space. 

Have a Welcoming Entryway 

The term entryway creates this mental image of grandness and complexity, but it doesn’t always have to be the case. You need a place for you and your guests to hang your coats, hats, and jackets as well as put away shoes. As these items are among the first to be removed when getting into the house, you will need to create an entryway that matches your needs. You could include cubbies and door hooks as well as a bowl for your keys and such. 

Optimize Clutter Control 

The only way to live and thrive in studio apartments is by having proper organizational habits. In such a small living space, even a slightly cluttered room looks a complete mess. You will need to analyze your room and figure out where everything goes while ensuring enough space is available as you don’t want to live in a matchbox. 

There are a handful of ways to do this. The first step is clearing out junk as it appears. Clearing out your workspace as soon as you’re done for the day and creating a filing system for important documents will almost magically seem to increase your available space. 

Managing your laundry is the next issue. You will need a hamper and a laundry routine as you don’t want to drown in funky smells and scattered clothing. Finally, sort out your mail to clear out junk and put what is important in files and binders.


As you’ve seen, living in a small space shouldn’t limit you in terms of comfort, spacing, and overall aesthetic value. The world is your oyster, and so is your studio apartment. Inject a little bit of creativity in your planning to draw out pockets of space from unlikely areas and lastly, do not be afraid of having a lot of natural light in your house.